[Oneshot] Save Me!

Munculnya Lee Triplek, eh Lee Triplet :3


Save Me!

Save Me!

  • Main Cast : Lee Chan (SEVENTEEN), Lee Ra (OC), Lee Byul (OC)
  • Support Cast : SEVENTEEN as Lee triplet cousin, and find it yourself^^
  • Genre : AU, OOC, Family, Mystery, Fantasy.
  • Author : dk1317 a.k.a GDhia/GDhia1

P.S : This is just FF and my other imagine, don’t be plagiat and other that god and I don’t like! Please don’t be silent readers! So, leave some comment~ Typos every where~ EYD kemana-mana..

Happy Reading~


“You tried to save everyone, but

WHO saves you?”


Seoul, 2 Juli 20XX

Lihat pos aslinya 4.022 kata lagi


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